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By TeQuila Connors

TeQuila is proud of every seed of inspiration that she has created. Each one shows the Fathers' love in their own unique way. Whether it be love notes, poetry, or encouragement, the pages of these works have been enjoyed by readers of all ages and backgrounds. Browse through the list of titles below and get your autographed copy.

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Everything begins with a seed...

From the seed of her first self-published book, "Love Is Air: poems of my journey" by TeQuila Connors, one of her readers became her first author. Together, they cultivated the first seed of what is now AuthorpreNewHer Ink. TeQuila founded the AuthorpreNewHer brand (planting seeds of inspiration through literary works) because she was no longer an author but an author and entrepreneur. She has published inspiring works of many authors nationwide, including four works of her own with more to come. 

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